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What makes

‘The Cabbage Patch’




·        I never increase my prices once agreed with you on your first lesson.

So when I next put up my prices, this will only apply to new pupils.  All your learner lessons and any refresher lessons will be at the originally agreed price.



·        I offer a free ‘Check Up’ service.



·        My aim is always to complete your course of driving lessons as quickly and cheaply as possible.


·        My Web Site has hundreds of pages and is constantly updated.  It is here as a point of reference to help you with your driving lessons and beyond the driving test.  It is not intended to replace any of the driving text books, but it supplements that information and helps you relate it specifically to your driving lessons with me.


·        Any information about Bad Weather which may affect your lessons or test is updated immediately on my Facebook page.


·        I am always available after you have passed the Driving Test.  You can text, phone, or e-mail me about any driving questions or problem.  I am always available for Pass Plus, Motorway or ‘Refresher’ lessons.  The Web Site is constantly updated and always available for you.


·        Pass Plus sessions are £1 cheaper than your agreed lesson price.  (Most instructors charge more in order to recover the extra fuel used and to share in the savings you may have been given by your insurance company.  Some charge much more).